Corda Music Publications - What's New or relatively recent?

Here are some recent publications:

The Streitwolf Songbook  for Voice & Guitar, with optional flute accompaniment. 12 songs by J.H.G. Streitwolf (1779-1837)    12.50     See CMP 178   19th Century Guitar Songs
 with English and German words, and an extensive historical introduction about the life and works of this important musician, composer and instrument maker.  Score & parts.

17  Songs by J.H.G. Streitwolf  for Voice & Guitar, some with flute accompaniment. German only lyrics   11.00    See CMP 179  19th Century Guitar Songs
 This edition completes the entire oeuvre of  29 guitar songs by this intriguing 19th century composer. Score and separate parts.

Genteel Waltz  for Solo Guitar. Melodious whimsey in ternary form, a floating delight.  Duration approx 7 minutes.  4.00    See CMP 43  in  Guitar Solos

Soliloquy  for Solo Guitar. Meditation provoked by the sad distracted times of Covid and Lockdown.  Duration approx 8 minutes.  3.50    See CMP 46  in  Guitar Solos

Three Ravens  for Solo Guitar. A profound reflection in music on a famous Jacobean ballad.  Duration approx 7 minutes.  5.00    See CMP 42  in  Guitar Solos

Mr Leonard's Miscellany.  27 Tunes from all manner of rare sources, arranged for unaccompanied bass viol     7.00

Music in standard bass viol tuning, edited and arranged by Ian Gammie.  Scroll down to CMP 499  in  EARLY MUSIC 

Ojos Azules
 for Guitar Quartet or Large Ensemble. Andean folksong with variations and tambora effects, ambiance of the Altiplano   6.50
(can be heard on mp3 file, click:  Recordings )    Scroll to  CMP 247  in  Guitar Ensembles

Songs of Many Shades  for Medium Voice & Guitar. 13 songs drawn from sources of folksong, stage songs & traditional airs, with CD. CMP176    10.00  See 19th Century Guitar Songs

A Bouquet of Songs  for Medium Voice & Guitar. 15 original guitar songs from early 19th century, with CD.  CMP 177    10.00  See 19th Century Guitar Songs

The Rowan Tree  a CD of traditional, folk and art songs with guitar, harp, harpsichord & violin accompaniments.  CCD 019    8.00  See 19th Century Guitar Songs

Suite for 3 Violas in five movements  by Kenneth Harding.   See CMP 674  in  VIOLA MUSIC     score & parts: 12.00
19th Century Guitar Songs An Idiosyncratic Survey
.  264 pages of source references, including 50 pages of music examples. See 19th Century Guitar Songs.   20.00

Playford Duets. Arrangements for 2 viols or melody instruments     10.50     

56 duets drawn from various Playford publications, arranged to be playable on 2 basses, or tenor & bass, or treble and bass viols, recorders or other melody instruments.
Parts provided in bass, alto and treble clef.  Scroll down to CMP 455  in  EARLY MUSIC

41 Trios arranged from Playford's Dancing Master (1651 -1728)  edited and arranged by Ian Gammie.  12.00 score and parts

These trios for viols, recorders or other melody instruments are supplied with alternative treble & alto clefs for the middle part to make the music readily accessible to string and wind players. An ad lib continuo part can be extemporised from the score.  Scroll down to CMP 439  in  EARLY MUSIC  

 The Original Songs in Shakespeare's Plays  by Carin Zwilling ISBN978 0 9528 220 6 6      15.99      See Shakespeare

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