Ordering Music Directly From Corda

Many music shops in the UK will supply our music and there are shops in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, U.S.A., Japan and Australia who stock some of our editions.
But if you prefer to order directly from us, please:

Short whinge about banks (and careful not to try a Spoonerism with that one!)

The most cost effective way for you to pay is by credit card or BACS, since this avoids paying extra in heavy bank charges for cheques, particularly from overseas. The banks make a big play in their advertising of being the friends of small businesses, but in practice their charges make it very difficult for a small concern such as ours because they levy almost any fee they like for changing foreign currency cheques, as well as charging us just for writing out our own cheques. They are of course quite happy to look after our money on deposit (though without paying us any interest) and even charge us for paying into the account. This means that a customer in Canada who orders 20 dollars of music could end up paying a cheque for at least 15 dollars extra (i.e.75 per cent more) just to cover the bank charges in England. So credit card is a better route. We probably won't be able to accept cheques after 2018.


We accept credit card payments for all major credit and debit cards. Please contact us for details of safe transmission or for details for bank transfer. Order Office

 Post and Packing - we can no longer give advance quotes for shipping costs until we know your complete order and its destination

The UK Post Office sometimes increases prices by buttock-clenching amounts. Please email or phone us for a quote, as each order can be a different weight, shape or size, all of which affects the post and packing costs. We will always try to find the most economical despatch method for you.

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Last updated 30th  August 2018

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