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We publish nearly 500 varied performing editions for guitar, for strings and for early music instruments, as well as a number of books concerned with historical research.
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 We apologise to all our international friends and colleagues for the current uncertainty with "Brexit".  Since the pound has lost 15% of its value compared to the Dollar and Euro, and all our paper. printing ink, etc., comes from Europe, we have had to increase prices for a number of our editions. These take effect from 1st September 2018.  Please see our  List of Prices  and the various catalogues for details 

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Corda Music On-Line Catalogues

We are very pleased to announce some new publications:

Suite for 3 Violas in five movements  by Kenneth Harding See CMP 674 in VIOLA MUSIC   score & parts: £12.00
Concertos  of the Classical Viennese School, c.1780-1810, and their Scoring  by Richard Maunder.  see  Concertos     £15.00  

19th Century Guitar Songs — An Idiosyncratic Survey. 264 pages, including 50 pages of music examples. See 19th Century Guitar Songs.   £20.00

Playford Duets. Arrangements for 2 viols or melody instruments     £9.75

     56 duets drawn from various Playford publications, arranged to be playable on 2 basses, or tenor & bass, or treble and bass — viols, recorders or other melody instruments. Parts provided in                                                                                   bass, alto and treble clef.  Scroll down to CMP 455  in  EARLY MUSIC

41 Trios arranged from Playford's Dancing Master (1651 -1728)  edited and arranged by Ian Gammie.  £11.00 score and parts

These trios for viols, recorders or other melody instruments are supplied with alternative treble & alto clefs for the middle part to make the music readily accessible to string and wind players. An ad lib continuo part can be extemporised from the score.  Scroll down to CMP 439  in  EARLY MUSIC  

Mr Leonard's Third Booke.  48 Tunes from Restoration England arranged for unaccompanied bass viol     £7.50

Music in standard bass viol tuning, edited and arranged by Ian Gammie.  Scroll down to CMP 498  in  EARLY MUSIC 

Handel's Messiah : A Rhetorical Guide  by Judy Tarling ISBN 978-0-9528220-5-9      £30.00

This is a book for all lovers of Handel's Messiah, whether performer or listener, choir member or director, solo singer or orchestral musician. The story of the creation of the Messiah is followed by a close unpicking and rhetorical analysis of the biblical text as presented to Handel by his friend Charles Jennens. Then Handel's setting of the text to music is described, showing how devices such as word-painting, repetition, questions and exclamations portray and enhance the Christian message and add to its impact on the listener. This is followed by a performer's guide to delivering Handel's ideas using rhetorical techniques of delivery; the book finishes with a review of the audience's reception of this great work, put into the context of contemporary ideas about what constituted the sublime, and revealing many layers of rhetorical craft beneath the familiar music. 220 pages, with copious musical examples. See Messiah

 The Original Songs in Shakespeare's Plays  by Carin Zwilling ISBN978 0 9528 220 6 6      £15.99

The lyrics and music for the 32 songs known to survive from their use on the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage are examined in detail, with full references to their sources and with extensive quotations from Shakespeare scholars and critics down the ages. Facsimile and modern typeset examples of the music included. Performing editions of the music items are available separately. See Shakespeare


New Book available from August 2017: 19th Century Guitar Songs — An Idiosyncratic Survey. ISBN 978-0-9528220-7-3. £20.00  The book has 264 pages, including 50 pages of music examples.  The volume is a general survey of the many thousands of guitar songs currently  held by the British Library which were published in the period c.1770 - 1900. A number of other collections are also mentioned. The book includes full reference to the publications, extensive notes about the myriad composers and arrangers featured, also much detail from writers and other sources of the period, as well as information from more recent research. Additions and updates will be added online, as and when they become available. See 19th Century Guitar Songs

In the guitar catalogue, out of more than 250 editions, we have some 30 books for solo guitar, ranging from collections of easy pieces for beginner and intermediate students up to advanced works for concert performance. There are also tutor books widely used for school teaching. We have more than 150 ensemble pieces for guitar trio, quartet, quintet, sextet and octet, covering every ability from beginner to professional. Featured composers include Andrew York, Alfonso Montes, Carlos Bonell, Raymond Burley, John Duarte, Nikita Koshkin, Derek Hasted and many others. In addition, you will find more than 25 guitar duets, an intriguing selection of chamber music for guitar with other instruments and some delightful volumes of guitar songs from the 19th century. To hear some sample recordings from our editions, click:  Recordings


We specialise in viola music, but our editions also include works for violin, viola, cello and double bass, ranging from baroque and early classical repertoire to modern times. Many of these are now in print for the first time. There are also pieces suitable for school ensembles. Our Viola section features works by William Alwyn, Gordon Jacob, Arnold Bax, Watson Forbes, Kenneth Harding, Minna Keal, Adam Gorb, Brian Chapple, John Webb and other contemporary composers. In addition to solo viola music there are ensembles for 3, 4, 5 and 6 violas. See VIOLA MUSIC for the separate viola catalogue. To hear some sample recordings from our editions, click: Recordings


Solo and ensemble music from the mid 16th century up to 1800. Principally for string players and singers, but including some flute music and consort music apt for recorders and other melody instruments. The scholarly editions are based on careful study of the original sources and we are proud to list several eminent musicologists amongst our editors. Of special importance are the books by Judy Tarling: Baroque String Playing, BSP-1 which is now in its third edition, and The Weapons of Rhetoric, WOR-1. See also Alison Crum's new book The Viol Rules and for Carin Zwillings book on The Original Songs in Shakespeare's Plays click Shakespeare .  The most recent additions to the catalogue are trios, duets and viol solos arranged from publcations by John and Henry Playford (17th century). See CMP 439, 445 and 498 from the early music catalogue EARLY MUSIC. 
To hear a few sample recordings of other works from our editions, click:

The pages of the three main catalogues above will give you a short description of each piece of music, with prices and details of extra sets of parts, etc. Feel free to contact us if you need to ask for more information. If you only want a plain list of prices without detail of the music's content, click on the link below. This includes a few works which do not come under the headings of the three main catalogues, for example a couple of works for wind instruments by Minna Keal, and some saxophone arrangements made for the Paragon Saxophone Quartet. For ordering music, see the link at the foot of this page.

List of Prices


  GOETHE and the Guitar

This project throws a revealing light on the popularity of the guitar in Germany around 1800. Many poems by Goethe and Schiller were used by composers before the famous settings by Schubert, and large numbers of these songs were accompanied by guitar. A selection of 24 songs is available on a CD, and there are four books of songs published so far.


A special project by Ian Gammie and Dr Derek McCulloch, developed from their published catalogue of the music collection held by the Jane Austen Trust at Chawton in Hampshire. The project will encompass the publication and recording of domestic chamber music and songs by composers whose works were copied by Jane Austen into her own manuscript books. For performances of this music by ensembles The Windsor Box & Fir Company and Café Mozart. see: Concerts

 The CD " Endearing Young Charms " The Guitar Songs of Tom Moore (1779 - 1852)

A fascinating insight into the musical life of the Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779 - 1852) He was the most famous singer of his generation and an erstwhile guitarist. Check out two books of his songs with guitar accompaniment, (including The Minstrel Boy, The Last Rose of Summer, The Meeting of the Waters, The Harp that once, etc) plus a CD recording and a mine of information about early 19th century guitar songs.

 CDs  and recordings  Recordings  

A range of guitar solos, guitar ensembles and early music items can be heard from the Recordings page. We can also send mp3 files for a selection of other recordings from our catalogue. Email us for a list. We have a number of CDs featuring music from our printed editions, or featuring artists who have close associations with Corda Music. See also the websites for two music groups who perform our music on a regular basis. www.galliarda.org.uk and www.cafemozart.org

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