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We are always happy to discuss suitability of editions for your requirements, particularly for ensembles. Contact us on (+44) 0 1727 852752 or email us at Music questions .

If you wish to hear some of the guitar items, a selection of guitar pieces can be heard by going to Recordings     These vary in quality, as some were made with a school ensemble, some of the solo pieces were recorded in less than ideal settings, but they will give you a sense of what the music is like before you part with any hard-earned cash.

Corda Music's Guitar Catalogues cover the spectrum from Solo Classical Guitar to complete Guitar Orchestras, from lute music to jazz, and from guitars alone to guitars with other instruments. We provide sets of parts for all ensemble editions. See below for details of grading music, from easy to advanced.

The layout of each edition is designed to minimise the number of page turns. When page turns are inevitable, they are placed where the music allows them. The composer's original fingering is included in many of the editions.

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Levels of Ability for Ensembles

References to Grade numbers refer to the standards of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. We provide an approximate assessment of the level of difficulty of the ensemble music. This is inevitably subjective, but at least gives some guide to help you choose suitable playing material. Some editions have parts played with a capo so that inexperienced players familiar only with notes in first position can play higher parts without reading too many ledger lines.

The categories of ease or difficulty are




Very easy
Mostly pre-Grade 1 or beginners


Grade 1


Easy to intermediate
Grade 2-3


Grade 3-4, but often including one easier part


More difficult
Some parts will need Grade 5 players, but some parts will be easier


Generally all the players will need to be experienced ensemble performers, even if the individual parts are not technically difficult to get the fingers around


Very experienced players
Serious students or professional players


Special forces required : e.g. singers, other instrumentalists, percussion, etc.
The level of difficulty will be variable, from easy to moderately advanced

Where two letters are given for level of difficulty (e.g. F/D ) it means that one part will be noticeably more difficult than the rest. This is useful for many ensembles where there are players of varying abilities. The category A/A is used to show the simplest possible level of ensemble, usually requiring a range of 8 notes or less per part.

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What are the Corda Guitar Ensembles like?

Our guitar ensemble music ranges from duos to octets. Almost all of them can be played by large guitar orchestras or with just a single instrument on each part. Additionally, some have alternative extra parts, so a quartet might have a fifth part that can be used if enough players are available. In other cases, notably in the Jazz Ensemble series, the music can be played by 2, 3, 4 or even 5 players: the individual editions give explanations of how to organise this and sufficient parts to allow for flexibility. Where a work is specifically intended only for a single player per part, (as with a few specifically composed guitar trios and quartets) the composer's instructions will be given with each particular edition.

Teachers who are looking for ensemble material for students will be pleased to see that most of the easier trios and quartets are designed so that the teacher can play one or more of the lower parts or use a chord accompaniment to fill out the texture, thereby increasing confidence in performance with inexperienced pupils. It also means that more players can be grouped on the main melodic parts if desired.

A further option is to use other instruments mixed in with guitars - flutes, recorders, bass guitar, violin, electric keyboard, glockenspiel, etc. Simple percussion parts can easily be added as well. Many of the ensembles are written with each guitar playing a single melodic line, so other melody instruments can be employed in various ways, as long as the balance of sound is maintained between guitars and the other instruments. The same caveat about balance of sound applies to the use of electric guitars in the ensembles. However, the music is always complete just as a guitar ensemble - the possibilities mentioned above are always ad lib.

Score and Parts

Most Corda Music guitar ensembles have a full score and two sets of parts (but see details with each edition). Experience has shown that this is a popular format for many guitar groups, and we offer extra parts in any quantity that may be needed. The parts are marked in a suitable place with the publisher's stamp in red ink. This is to assist identification of illegal photocopies (even colour copiers have to use toner rather than printer's ink). Our lawyers promise that any person found to have made illegal photocopies will have the gizzards ripped out of their wallets and the intestines boiled from their bank accounts, just for starters. Don't even ask about the main course.

The good news is that we supply extra parts in any quantity you require, and at very cheap prices, so please get in touch when you need additional parts or scores. Other publishers' editions (such as Sul Boca and Sondauer Music ) may have more or less sets of parts: see the catalogue for individual details.

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From time to time, incipits of selected works will appear in Corda's Website. Obviously, the screen resolution cannot do justice to the actual printed page, but it does help illustrate the layout and also show the grading standard in action.

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