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19th Century Guitar Songs An Idiosyncratic Survey.   ISBN  978-0-9528220-7-3   264 pages including 50 pages of music examples. Price 20.00

Over a period of thirty five years, the author has accumulated a vast notebook of information about guitar songs published during the years 1770-1900, principally as a means of finding repertoire for performance. The great majority of the information comes from the British Library's collections of printed music, though other sources have also been consulted somewhat randomly. Now approaching retirement, he felt sad to consign so much information to the dustbin, so he has completed a survey of all the printed guitar songs in the British Library and added copious details about composers, arrangers and music, drawing on information from writers of the period, later 20th century commentators and also some more recent 21st century research.  It is therefore an idiosyncratic survey, since like Topsy, it just growed, and was never intended as a piece of devoted academic research. It is hoped that the book will stimulate further research into an area of guitar music which was hugely popular at the time and whose editions easily outnumber similar books of guitar solos.

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UPDATES and CORRECTIONS to 19th CENTURY GUITAR SONGS     ISBN  978-0-9528220-7-3. Entries are headed by the name of the composer in question, with a page reference where necessary.

November 2017.   

Matteo Bevilaqua  Reference to page 28, 19th Century Guitar Songs.

A truly excellent article by Gerhard Penn in Il Fronimo No.180 (October 2017) details his latest research into this composer and provides important corrections to the entry on page 28. The birth and death dates should read 1768-1821 and Penn recounts the composer's life from origins in Sicily to years in Vienna, marriage and then his premature death on a return to Italy.  As I suggested in the book, there was only one guitarist/composer Matteo Bevilaqua. Penn makes it absolutely clear that any reference to Paulo Bevilaqua is a complete red herring, introduced by various writers over the years, so the name should read only Matteo Bevilaqua, or as he was later styled: Matteo de Bevilaqua after attaining minor aristocratic status through his marriage. There was a singer called Paul Bevilaqua who died in 1849 (hence the errors of earlier sources) but Penn has found no connection with the guitarist. In CPM there are two other composers with the Bevilaqua surname, both of them being published much later in the 19th century. In addition to an extensive account of the life, Penn gives a full catalogue of the composer's known works. I was wrong to say that there are no works in CPM. There is one book of guitar songs and another book of pieces for guitar or piano. They are as follows:

Sei canzonette veneziana con accompagniamento di chitarra, Op.20, pp.11  Nel magazzino della Caes: Real: Privil: stamperia chimica: Vienna, [1805?] Hirsch III.646.
    [Penn found a review of this publication in the Wiener Zeitung for 28th June 1806.]
Otto cavatine per chitarra francese o forte-piano. Trieste,[1820?]   E.601.h.4.
    [Penn found a reference to this collection in the Wiener Zeitung for 9th February 1805, so the CPM date needs to be revised.]



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