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Our string catalogue gives details of our editions for the usual bowed string instruments - violin, viola, cello and double bass. They range from baroque and early classical repertoire to late 20th century works, many of which are now in print for the first time.

During recent years we have developed a special catalogue of Viola Music. The Viola Catalogue contains items which are principally for Viola Solo or Viola Ensemble. You will find the standard string quartet and chamber music repertoire under the general heading of String Music, and easy pieces for teaching beginners and inexperienced players under Easy Strings. Items which contain a mix of instruments but with a general emphasis on violas are in both catalogues for ease of browsing.

A few editions in this catalogue are also cross-referenced from our specialist publications of 17th and 18th century Chamber Music, including music for viola da gamba and viol consort.

Biographical details of composers are coming soon (er . . that means when we've got time to do it).

The music is listed in order of catalogue number, not by instrumentation or level of difficulty.

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About the String Catalogue

For works suitable for teaching or for use with school ensembles, the individual catalogue entry will give an approximate estimate of the ability level required. Grading references will be roughly equivalent to those expected in the exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Contact us if you need to find out more.

For all ensemble music (whether for professional or student use) we can provide extra parts or scores if required at very competitive prices. The basic price for all ensemble music includes a score and suitable set of parts, but additional parts for larger ensembles can be ordered whenever required. Please specify clearly the number of parts that you need - it is not always possible for us to guess how many extra violas you may have if you ask for 15 extra parts for a string orchestra without specifying the details!

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About the Viola Catalogue

Our Viola catalogue is intended to be a quiet haven for viola players, far from the scolding violins!

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The late John White F.R.A.M. (former Professor of Viola at the Royal Academy of Music) was the general editor of our Viola Series. Under his editorship we have re-printed new editions of several teaching books by Watson Forbes, and also prepared previously unpublished works for the viola by Arnold Bax, Minna Keal, William Alwyn, Gordon Jacob and Benjamin Dale. Works for multiple violas are also becoming something of a speciality. We plan to add further editions to this series in the near future.

John also wrote "An Anthology of British Viola Players", published by Comus Edition. Comus also publish a variety of interesting viola music. They can be contacted at

Comus Edition, Leach Cottage
Heirs House Lane, COLNE Lancs BB8 9TA
Tel 01282 864985 (overseas +44 1282 864985)

The performing parts are stamped with our string logo in red ink - illegal photocopies destroy the livelihoods of those who are working hard to bring you new and varied music. Please note that colour photocopiers will reproduce our logo in toner, not in ink, so it is easy to detect an illegal copy. Our lawyers promise to shred the wallets of any offenders and use their guts for strings.

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Last updated 1st September 2018