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Apologies that this page has only just been updated again (Autumn 2015) after more than a year of neglect (. . . tut . . . tut . . , smacked botties all round). Several editions listed below have been available for some time, but have not been publicised before. Take a look to see what you may have missed on previous visits, particularly the the William Alwyn Ballade for Viola, Judy Tarling's new book on The Messiah and Carin Zwilling's excellent book on Shakespeare's songs (both on the Early Music pages). We'll endeavour to keep the page better maintained in the future ( . . . ho, ho . . . promises . . . promises . . )

What's New? AUTUMN 2015




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Guitar for Beginners

CMP 07 Supplement of tunes for First Notes on the Guitar. Easy single note tunes with a CD of accompaniments

CMP 15 Tunes to Read – very easy tunes for beginners, ideal for Primary school pupils

CMP 25 Book 4 of Fingers & Thumb, with arpeggio practice and lots of easy solos, melody with open bass strings.

Chords CMP 28. The Corda Chord Book. Step by step from the very first easiest chords to barrées all up and down.

Bob Power CMP 41 Playing Guitar Together. The first book of a new ensemble teaching method.

CMP 248 A Firsty Scottish Medley. Easy ensemble for beginners using folk tunes, with teacher accompaniment.

Guitar Solos

El Lladre Reformat A rhapsodic revisiting of a Catalan folk tune, Grade 7+, duration 7 minutes

CMP 39 -Estribillo & Lorelei. Two solos, an Argentinian dance and a set of variations on a German folk song.

CMP 35 Les Feuilles Vertes. Variations on a 16th century ballad tune, duration c. 8 minutes. Grade 7.

CMP 36 -Tres Piezas Familiares. 3 portraits in style of Venezuelan waltz, Catalan melody and Chacarera. Grade 6/7

CMP 37 - Nadala. Diversions on a Catalan Christmas carol, duration approx 8 minutes. For players approx. Grade 6/7

CMP40  Brian Wright's  In memoriam tribute to the composer Geoffrey Brgon, using his theme fromTinker tailor Soldier Spy

CMP 45 Pastorale. An evocative landscape of guitar tones,  thematic material woven into the counterpoint.. Grade 7

Jazzy Guitar Pieces

 Zaradin Quartets
A new series of Latin- American quartets

Tino Latino A solo version of CMP 507 with CD backing tracks and improvisation ideas.

CMP 507 An ensemble in bossa nova style: Tino Latino, with the usual flexibility for improvising.

SAMBATINA A pulsing samba beat for 4 Guitars, with Rhythm and Bass, and improvising hints.

Hunky Dorian A new solo version, with CD backing tracks and hints on improvisation

Guitar chamber music

CMP 158 Beethoven variations for Viola and Guitar on “nel cor piu non mi sento

CMP 160 The Last Rose of Summervariations by Thomas Chipp (1817) for Guitar and Fortepiano

CMP 156 Six Mozart Arias for Viola & Guitar, from a duet book of c.1800

CMP 167-V Nine Lyric Pieces by Edvard Gried for Viola and Guitar.

CMP 168- Divertissement for Flute, Guitar & Cello by Michael Haydn. Three movements, duration 10 minutes.

CMP 668-V for Viola and Guitar Fascination Waltz by Filippo Marchetti - (19th century).

 Guitar Duets and Trios

CMP 199 Amazing Bells , two duets for Grade 3 - 4 players, variations on Amazing Grace and 20 Ways Upon Ye Bells

CMP 223 Meditación del Caballero. Duet inspired by 16th century Spanish ballad. Grade 7 / 8. Dur. approx 9 minutes.

CMP 226 A duet arrangement of Bach's Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. Grade 4 – 5.

CMP 259 A Trio version of Marchetti's famous salon tune Fascination Waltz. Grade 6

CMP 256 A First Folksong Medley. Easy Duo/Trio for beginners' ensemble, with chord accompaniment.

CMP 257- A Second Folksong Medley. Easy Duo/Trio for beginners' ensemble, with chord accompaniment.

CMP 222 At last, Ray Burley completes his set of the Granados Danzas Españolas 

 More Guitar Trios and some Quartets

CMP 258 A French Folksong Medley. Easy Duo/Trio ensemble for beginners, with teacher's chord accompaniment.

CMP 260- Trio para Viernes Santo. Four variations on the chorale used by Bach in the St Matthew Passion.

CMP 262 Sonata in D by D. Becker (1674) arr. for Guitar Trio. Duration approx 7 minutes. Grade 6 – 7.

CMP 263- Tango Betuláceo for Trio or Quartet (large ensemble) A rumbustious dance.

CMP 264- El Desembre Congelat for Quartet or Trio (large ensemble). Variations on a Catalan folk carol.

CMP 261- Fugue in D major by J.S.Bach, (BWV 998) arranged for Guitar Quartet

 Voice & Guitar

5 SONGS from the Globe - 17th cent. songs arranged for medium voice and Guitar Trio

6 SHAKESPEARE SONGS arranged for medium voice and solo guitar

Goethe and the Guitar Original guitar songs c.1800, three books of music and a disc.

Tom Moore, his songs Printed editions of 19 guitar songs with a CD recording.

CMP 164 Monolog der Maria Stuart. Cantata from c.1810 in original scoring for Soprano, Flute & Guitar.

 Early Music

CMP 409 Airs de Ballet, for bass viol and basso continuo. 27 French airs of the 17th / 18th century

CMP 446 Nouveautées de Caix. Suite for basse de viole and continuo.

The Viol Rules Alison Crum's new book about viol playing, with music examples & illustrations

CMP 457 Sonata I by M. Corette for 2 bass viols or bass viol and continuo.

CMP 459 Sonate L'Inconnu for bass viol and continuo by M. de la Barre (1710)

CMP 439 Forty One Trios. A massive collection of trios based on Playford's Dancing Master (1651-1728), as performed by The English Consort of Viols

Shakespeare The Original Songs in Shakesperae's Plays  by Carin Zwilling 

 More Early Music

CMP 480 The English Trios by J. Haydn – a newly researched edition of the London Trios

CMP 484 Quartet in D by Carl Stamitz, for solo gamba and string trio. (Violin,Viola,Cello)

CMP 492 Musick for Several Friendlie Basses by Matthew Locke. Newly arranged from the suites for treble & bass.

CMP 493 Mr Leonard's Second Booke. Pieces for unaccompanied bass viol, 29 solos.

CMP 494 Country Dances and Minuets by the Earl of Abingdon (1789) for 2 treble insts. & a bass.

CMP 495 Overture to Rosinaby Wm Shield (1783) arranged for Flute, Violin and a Bass (gamba or cello). Keybd ad lib.

 Viola Music

CMP 644 Concertante for 5 ViolasKenneth Harding. Written for the birthday of Lionel Tertis in 1972

CMP 668-V for Viola and Guitar Fascination Waltz by Filippo Marchetti - (19th century).

CMP 670 Two Sonatas for Viola Quartet by D. Scarlatti, K.147 in D minor and K.52

Boccherini: SONATA in A major arranged for Viola & Guitar from a cello sonata.

CMP 158 Beethoven variations for Viola and Guitar on “nel cor piu non mi sento

CMP 167-V Nine Lyric Pieces by Edvard Grieg for Viola and Guitar.

And a reminder:

Two new books and some other popular books

Baroque String Playing The definitive book by Judy Tarling - with music examples on CD - has all you ever wanted to know about early string playing (violin / viola / cello / bass) but were too nervous to ask.

The Weapons of Rhetoric The ultimate guide for musicians and audiences to a 'Theatre of Music', the dramatic connection between speech and music in the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

CMP 672  Ballade by William Alwyn for Viola and Piano.

CONCERT PIECE by Arnold Bax for Viola and Piano. Virtuoso piece written for Tertis in 1904.

The Messiah  

A Rhetorical Guide, by Judy Tarling. An in- depth history and analysis of the greatest oratorio of all time.

The Original Songs in Shakespeare's Plays 

A detailed account of all we know about first performances in 17th century. Lots of music examples.

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