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The series is devised and edited by John Zaradin, starting in November 2009

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Basic aims of the series

The repertoire is mainly in a “latin” or “latin-american” idiom and offers opportunities for guitarists to perform music that is melodic & rhythmic and which can be appreciated by both player and listener.

Much of this music is defined by its rhythms, the effect of which is lost if simplified. However, when one becomes familiar with the rhythm patterns (as with scale patterns) they become part of one’s musicality and can be enjoyed no matter what the tempo or feel. The editions are new compositions and arrangements for guitar ensembles which can be played by a basic quartet of 4 players or by any number of additional players making up an orchestra of guitars and sharing the parts between them according to ability and experience.

Technically, Guitar Part 1 will tend to be the most difficult part and Guitar Part 4 the simplest. This is not to say that the part for Guitar 4 is less important than the others; more often than not the rhythm of the music is carried by the bass lines of this part and, musically, Guitars 1, 2 & 3 are supported by it.

Some of the pieces make for simple sight reading repertoire, others might require an individual to practise their part in advance before joining other players at a session or meeting. The technical level required for the repertoire does vary but all the pieces are, with a little practice, accessible to the average player. The “Guitar Club Quartets” offer an opportunity for the guitar player to perform with, and benefit from, that unique experience of making music with others.

John Zaradin

Catalogue of editions in preparation

Catalogue No. Title

CMP 700 La Palomita Blanca. Traditional, arr. Zaradin

CMP 701 Mexican Hat Dance. (Jarabe tapatio) Traditional arr. Zaradin

CMP 702 La Cucaracha. (The Cockroach) Traditional arr. Zaradin

CMP 703 Peanut Vendor. (El Manisero) Traditional arr. Zaradin

CMP 704 La Paloma. (Habanera) Traditional arr. Zaradin

CMP 710 Chorinho (Choros) John Zaradin

CMP 711 La Lágrima (Cançâo) John Zaradin

CMP 712 Tango. John Zaradin

CMP 713 Teardrops (Bossa Nova) John Zaradin

CMP 714 Danza Mexicana John Zaradin

CMP 715 Introduction and Dance John Zaradin

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